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What is the Ohio Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (OAPSA)?

OAPSA is a professional organization that grew out of the  need for pretrial practitioners to join together for the purpose of supporting  and enhancing Pretrial Services including Release and Diversion in Ohio.

What are the purposes of the Ohio Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (OAPSA)?

The purpose of this Association is to  join together those persons in Ohio who work in and/or support the concept of  pretrial services in order to achieve the following:

                To develop and promote pretrial alternatives to incarceration and  prosecution and provide appropriate services for eligible defendants within the  community.

                To increase the awareness of pretrial philosophy and practices by providing  education and resources to fellow criminal justice professionals and the public.

                To promote the exchange of information and ideas, and to increase  professional competence and responsibility among pretrial professionals.

                To support the establishment, expansion, enhancement and cooperation of  pretrial services agencies within the State of Ohio.

                To act as a statewide forum which addresses pretrial issues and collectively  defines pretrial goals and standards for the State of Ohio.

OAPSA is an affiliate of the  National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies