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2017 Annual Membership Meeting Information:

The Annual Membership Meeting will be held November 2, at lunch break during the Supreme Court Training (lunch provided).

On the agenda will be our president’s report, a report from NAPSA, and nominations for officers. If you are interested in running for office, please let one of the current board members know.  We will make sure that you are nominated, even if you are not able to be present.

During the meeting there will also be a drawing for an OHIO gift basket – anyone who attends is eligible to win.


On November 2, 2017 the Supreme Court of Ohio & OAPSA present

 Pretrial Release in Ohio: Trends and Best Practices

Program Description:

Across the country, issues with monetary bail and the expanded role of pretrial services have appeared in the headlines.  This course begins with an overview of national trends in pretrial decision-making using legal and evidence-based practices.  A thorough review of the work in Ohio from the Ad Hoc Committee on Bail and Pretrial Services, including their final report with recommendations, will then be discussed.  Several judges will share their perspectives on the proposed changes.  Finally, judicial practitioners from throughout the state will share best practices and their experiences with risk assessment instruments.

As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the current state of pretrial services nationally and in Ohio
  • Describe Ohio’s recommendations for effectively utilizing jail resources and increasing court appearances
  • Identify considerations for using risk assessment instruments in the local court

This is a one day  training at the Quest Center in Columbus.  As always, these trainings are free of charge thanks to the Supreme Court’s commitment to the education of Ohio Court Personnel. Registration for this training is done via The Supreme Court of Ohio’s website. 


Thoughts from the first annual
Sue Brannen Memorial Scholarship Awardee

Moneeca Phillips of Hamilton County was the first recipient of the Memorial Scholarship that was established to honor our Past President Sue Brannen. Sue was a guiding light for Pretrial Services on a national,state and county level. She served as a board member of the Pretrial Justice Resource Center, and as president of the New York Association of Pretrial Services Agencies, prior to moving to Ohio where she served two terms as president of OAPSA.

Sue was a firm believer in continuing education for Pretrial Practitioners. She was instrumental in planning our state conferences, and key in helping us make them the professional and enjoyable experiences they are today. She was also committed to expanding opportunities for Pretrial Practitioners to attend the annual conference.

Here are Ms. Phillips’ thoughts:

This past November I had the pleasure of attending the OAPSA Conference and the Supreme Court College through the Sue Brannen Memorial Scholarship. During the OAPSA Conference, I was exposed to a variety of pretrial policies used throughout the country.  Along with these policies, I learned how Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) disrupts lives, and better skills for making proper mental health referrals. Also, I was able to utilize active listening skills in a controlled environment.

During the second day, the Supreme Court College explained the role of the Criminal Justice professional and the purpose of bail decisions. They covered how static and dynamic factors affect the county risk assessment used for bond determination. This scholarship made it possible for me to develop a greater understanding of the part my job plays in the Criminal Justice System. These conferences are excellent tools to foster employee’s professional growth and give them a chance for leadership development. I strongly encourage others to apply for the Sue Brannen Memorial Scholarship.   

This scholarship will again be offered in 2016.  More details will be posted as the fall conference approaches.


The Pretrial field lost a true champion on February 19, 2015 when Sue Brannen passed away.  Sue had recently retired from Franklin County Pretrial Services, but had planned on being an active member of the OAPSA Board of Directors in her role as past president.

Sue was well known to OAPSA members for her great sense of humor, her mentoring and her probing questions at our conferences.    She served as OAPSA President for two terms, but her involvement in Pretrial was much more than that.  Sue began her pretrial career in Rochester, New York at the Pre-Trial Services Corporation of the Munroe County Bar Association, later leading that agency as its Executive Director.  While in New York, Sue was elected by her peers to the presidency of the New York Association of Pretrial Services Agencies (NYAPSA).  During her time in New York Sue also served as a Board Member of the Pretrial Justice Resource Center (now the Pretrial Justice Institute).

Sue moved to Ohio fourteen years ago and began working in Pretrial in Columbus.   She went on to be elected by her Ohio peers to the presidency of OAPSA as well.  She is the only person to have held the presidency of two state pretrial associations.   In 2007 Sue was honored by the National Association of Pretrial Services Agencies with the Ennis J. Olgiati Award which is NAPSA’s highest honor and recognizes lifetime achievement in the field of pretrial services.

Those of us who worked with Sue will miss her dearly.  Donations in Sue’s honor can be made to the Humane Society of Delaware County (Ohio), 4920 St. Ohio 37, Delaware, OH 43015, or at www.hsdcohio.org.