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The 2013 conference, held in November to celebrate our 20th Anniversary was a great success. 

Based on attendee evaluations, the Trauma Presentation was interesting, useful and effective.   Our membership meeting was productive, giving us all an update on statewide pretrial issues.  We also nominated an outstanding slate of officers.   A pre-dinner social hour was followed by the highlight of the day, dinner with special guest Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy.  Justice Kennedy gave an impassioned speech that made clear the integral role that Pretrial Services plays in the criminal justice system.  Below are some excerpts from her speech:

 …..Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist wrote, “In our society, liberty is the norm, and detention prior to trial and without trial is the carefully limited exception. 

        While the individuals who make the decision between liberty and detention are the judiciary, it is you, all of you and the services that you provide that aid in the decision process and protect the community through supervision.   …….  Moreover, because of your service, the individualized decisions of the judiciary brings an unparalleled level of equality and fairness into the justice system. 

           When the decision about taking away a person’s liberty is based solely on the person and not just the name of the crime charged, you give life to our Constitutional freedoms, our view of liberty, and enhance the unique perspective of our American justice system…….

             Beyond enhancing the equality and fairness of the justice system, you also personally improve the life of the people you serve…….. You have the ability and power to change lives.  Will you? ……

            I foresee that the need for pretrial services officers will continue to grow in Ohio.  As we seek to find alternatives to incarceration pre and post-trial the experience and expertise you have will help shape the programs of tomorrow. 

            In conjunction with that growth, technological advancements, will reshape your role and assist you in your duties……..    As you look to the future, what do you see?  What will you do?  For it is you who will shape the future of Ohio.  

            In conclusion, let me say on behalf of the 723 judges across Ohio thank you. 

The next day of the conference “Evidence-Based Pretrial Services and Ohio Law” was conducted by the Judicial College of The Supreme Court of Ohio.   We extend our sincere thanks to The Judicial College and its Court Personnel Education and Training Committee for partnering with OAPSA on this and many past workshops.  


 As a result of resignations, retirements and our recent election there are some new faces on the OAPSA Board.  

President Tony Zerbini of Lorain County Pretrial Services resigned from his post due to time constraints.   OAPSA thanks Tony for all his hard work on our behalf.   We look forward to his continued participation as past president.   The Board appointed At-Large Director Suzanne Ellis of Hamilton County Pretrial Services as President. 

Vice President Julie Gonzalez of Stark County Pretrial Services retired at the end of 2013.   Thank you Julie for your long time membership and participation in OAPSA!

Per our Code of Regulations ballots were counted after all ballots postmarked by January 4th deadline were received.   Results are:

Vice President:              Tom Sauer, Hamilton County Pretrial Services.

Treasurer:                     Melissa Bartlett, Oriana House, Inc.

At- Large Directors:       Karon Andorka, Stark County Pretrial Services

                                      Brenda Willis, Marion County Pretrial Services

                                     Karolyn Alexander, Hamilton County Pretrial Services

(Tom McLaughlin withdrew his candidacy due to resigning from Summit County Pretrial Services to take a job as Bailiff to the Honorable Tom Parker of Summit County Common Pleas Court). 

Our transitional Board Meeting is MARCH 6, 2014 at 10:30 AM at the OHIO SUPREME COURT.  All members are welcomed to attend.  If you cannot attend and wish to place an item on the agenda please contact a board member. 


To Board Member Lori Bolton-Sell on the birth of her daughter Avery, born on 12/6/13! 
To Past President Dan Peterca on his retirement!

    ORAS PAT On Line Training is Now Available

The Pretrial Assessment Tool (ORAS PAT) was designed to be quick to administer, but at the same time be predictive of both a defendant’s failure-to-appear and risk of violating pretrial release with a new arrest. This tool should be assessed at time of arrest/jail and aids in bail, release and formal supervision decisions.  The Pretrial Assessment Tool was designed to seamlessly contribute to more comprehensive assessments at later stages of the criminal justice system (probation, intake classification, and community release following incarceration).

The ORAS PAT on line training is now available for potential end users to become certified.  The training is available at http://www.drc.ohio.gov/web/oras.htm (the ORAS page on the ODRC website).  In order to participate in the training, participants must apply for View-Only Access to the Ohio Risk Assessment System on the ODRC Gateway.  Contact your Site Administrator or the ODRC Help Desk for an External User System Access Request Form.  You can contact the ODRC Information Service Center (Help Desk) by e-mail (DRC.InfoServCtr@odrc.state.oh.us), fax(614-752-2943), or telephone 866-277-0010 (toll free).  The Help Desk Staff can also assist you with any trouble you may have accessing the training site.

Participants may be credited with 3 Changing Offender Behavior Training Hours.

When an individual passes the test, a certificate will be sent via e-mail from the DRC Corrections Training Academy.  The staff member must then submit a second External User System Access Request Form along with the User Certification, requesting Enter/Update access to the ODRC Gateway.

The certification will be effective for three (3) years, there will be a recertification process. 





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